Monday, December 14, 2020

2020 Season 4 Paved Oval Stats

Link to season stats for each individual series:

2020 Season 4 Road Stats

Link to season stats for each individual class in each series:

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

iRacing Stats Discord Bot

My iRacing Stats Discord Bot project has built up a bit of steam since I quietly launched it publically 4 months ago. I actually had to check when I put up the page here, and was surprised that it has been that long.

I've put in a lot of effort implementing a huge amount of improvements, new features, and bug fixes. I've had the joy of getting the bot added to the Discord server of a number of communities and teams. These wonderful people have helped me massively as I've worked on automating the process of subscribing via my Patreon page, getting access to invite the bot to their server, and then configuring it to recognize the team's drivers.

Along with working on the bot it's self I've set up a new website for the project:

I'll continue to blog about the project from time to time here, but that site will be the official home.

The bot has grown from a pretty cool little toy that I built for our own iRacing team to poke around with interesting stats into a tool that communities and teams find extremely helpful and engaging. Since I rigged up a decent command logging system the bot has processed 21,796 requests.

The most popular command is of course the !driver command, I can't be too confident but I'd guess that 90% of the time it's people checking their own stats. However, I do like that people are finding the commands to check lap times helpful. It's a feature of the bot that I use myself at least a few times each week.

Below is the break down of the frequency of commands:

command count
driver 7254
qualifyinglaps 2034
racelaps 1675
participation 1581
season 1286
strengthoffield 1174
series 1026
points 883
lastrace 820
schedule 762
averageracelaps 704
week 590
championship 493
drivers 418
test 353
officialsessions 286