Monday, May 4, 2020


During my championship winning Formula 3 Sprint season I obviously had a string of great finishes, and at one point started to wonder if the steady increase in my iRating would result in me crossing above 5,000. However, an absolutely hideous week of 12 races at Daytona Short where I dropped nearly 800 iRating quickly put an end to that.

Fast forward 2 seasons, where I've been plugging away in the Formula Renault. I took 9th over all in the championship last season and I'm on track to finish in the top 10 again this season. Solid results in the FR3.5 finally saw me jump over the 5k iRating mark.

It's a nice milestone, but it's the steady climb since the start of 2020 Season 1 that I'm really proud of:

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