Sunday, September 23, 2018

ProtoSimTech PT2 Pedals Mini Review

I've received my PT2 Pedals from ProtoSimTech and after building myself a new mounting box for them, setting the mechanical config and then calibrating the pedals using DIView, I've had the chance to turn a decent number of laps and can share my thoughts.

From the moment I bolted them onto the mounting box, I attempted to set my expectations with regards to how long it would take for me to adjust to them and get back to the pace and consistency I had previously with my Fanatec CSP V1's......

Amazingly it only took 2 laps before I was matching my previous times.

I'm seriously stunned. I'm no alien, but I'm pretty quick in a few different cars and found that I was right back on pace.

The brake is just incredible. I quickly realised that I was no longer even thinking about "how much to brake", just 100% instinct of edge of traction, and no thought required on "how" to react... just "react". It made me think that maybe I never had the setup of the loadcell in my CSP v1's dialed in correctly... because I still had a fair bit of travel with them; I had them rigged up such that my initial braking was movement + pressure, then I'd ease off the pressure for threshold braking. With the PT2's I have very minimal travel, just pure pressure.

The clutch is magical. Being able to configure it so that the bite point in sim is matched up with the change in tension in the pedal is just incredible.

I knew ProtoSimTech had a great product from the reviews I'd seen, and the build quality really lives up to the high standard which everyone raves about. Yet even with my high expectations I'm still stunned. Zero "buyers remorse". I can tell these pedals are going to deliver me many many years of joy.

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