Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aussie Racing Cars Championships

While hunting around for a league to join which runs during AEST evenings I came across the thread announcing that the Aussie Racing Cars Championships will be running for 13 weeks aligned with iRacing's 2016 Season 4. Sessions run from 8pm - 9pm Thursday nights, which is perfect. There's over 130 people who have shown interest and they'll be running two 60 slot sessions; participation should be very high!

Here's the details:

Time:8:00:00 PM AEST
Warmup:20 minutes
Qualifying:10 minutes
Race:x Laps or 30 minutes
Distance:~70 kms
Split Size:60 or 50%
No. Servers:Max 2
Time of Day:Random
Start Type:Standing
Fast Repairs:1
Track State:Random and Automatic
Setup Type:Fixed

1. Mount Panorama Circuit
2. Road AtlantaShort
3. Watkins Glen InternationalCup
4. Phillip Island Circuit
5. Long Beach Street Circuit
6. Oulton Park CircuitIsland Historic
7. Oran Park RacewayGrand Prix
8. Summit Point Raceway
9. Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayRoad Course
10. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
11. Autodromo Nazionale di MonzaJunior
12. Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino FerrariGrand Prix

I've put in a few practice sessions and I'm enjoying getting a handle on the Legends car with the setup the league has come up with. I even came up with a fake sponsorship deal with National Pies and whipped up a paint job:

Friday, August 19, 2016

G27 Force Map

I read about the new force feedback forceMap option that was added to iRacing back in May 2016 on Ed Racing.

I was interested in checking it out. The first thing I did was generate graphs of the forceMap.csv file which David Tucker from the iRacing dev team released and the one which Ed created.

David's file:

Ed's file:

After looking at these two files and reading through David's posts in the thread I created my own. I doubled the number of data points in order to smooth out the transitions.

My file:

I've run a few practice sessions and races using this forceMap.csv file (save it into your /documents/iRacing folder). Like Ed's summation; I find driving when using my forceMap file I get better feedback as to what is going on with the rear of the car. Feeling when I'm on the edge of traction is a huge improvement. Along with this I get a better idea of weight transfer side to side in the car.

Honestly, it is a big step up.