Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Road Career Stats

SeriesRacesWinsAvg PTSAvg Start PosAvg Fin PosAvg iRAvg SR
Mazda Cup16821463.25.69-0.01
Star Mazda Championship731379.29.4-90.09
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup713506.89.4-4-0.04
Spec Racer Ford Challenge322396.77.61-0.05
Grand Touring Cup288718.88.4220.05
Production Car Challenge2715913.24.4460.05
Skip Barber Race Series1803311.410.6-21-0.04
13th Week Mazda Cup155573.08.1190.04
GT3 Challenge Series1103516.017.5-370.22
Ruf Cup90406.111.0-51-0.07
Global Challenge602813.314.3-34-0.03
World Sports Car Series513712.011.4-370.01
Road Warrior Series107630.015.001.83
Global Challenge - Open102110.012.0-380.03

Safety Rating3.42
Corners Per Incident43.71
Total Driving Time243 hrs 6 mins
Race Starts465
Race Finishes367
Qualify Sessions236
Time Trials39
Podium Finishes118
Top 5 Finishes177
Average Finish Postion7.9
Total Laps6315

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Road 2015 S2 Week 2

Another good week driving the Mustang in the Grand Touring Cup, 3 wins from 4 starts. I'd kind of decided that after winning 3 from 3 I was going to stop for the week, but yesterday I just couldn't help myself. I again started on pole and was leading a close battle with Shane before I went too deep into the hairpin and when I tried to protect the inside he'd already got his nose up beside me. I made contact with my right rear and got spun around. Bummer. On top of the GTC races I also posted a decent Time Trial result.

The two Ruf Cup races were enjoyable, especially since one of them was with my new team mate (more on that is coming soon). In the 2nd race I could have finished in a better position, but I pushed too hard on the exit of the final corner and spun when I dropped a rear wheel onto the grass. I avoided damage, but I lost a few spots.

I ran a couple of races in the Skippy at Lime Rock, just for giggles. I'd say they were the most enjoyable races I've had in that car, next season I might actually look at putting some focus on it.

The Road Warrior Series race was the 12 Hours of Sebring, and you can see the big gain in SR it brought.

SeriesRacesWinsPointsAvg Start PosAvg Fin PosAvg iRAvg SR
Grand Touring Cup431181.02.2390.06
Skip Barber Race Series209711.010.5-17-0.02
Ruf Cup20616.09.0-50-0.10
Mazda Cup10799.07.050.11
Road Warrior Series107630.015.001.83

Safety Rating4.55
Corners Per Incident69.33
Total Driving Time9 hrs 5 mins
Race Starts10
Race Finishes10
Qualify Sessions7
Time Trials2
Podium Finishes3
Top 5 Finishes4
Average Finish Postion7.0
Total Laps229

12 Hours of Sebring Results

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours of driving I put in during the 12 Hours of Sebring. I started the morning by making a silly mistake; I'd run the qualifying for our team but I held off registering for the session when it began. This meant we didn't have a qualy time and started 21st in class. My time would have seen us starting on pole in the GT3 class. The reason I didn't sign in before the race began was in order to avoid having my higher iRating affect our team's average. We were placed into the 2nd bottom split, and I don't think having me registered would have changed that anyway.

Thankfully, Bobby had an awesome first two hours in the car and by the time I took over he'd climbed up to 2nd in class. After my first hour I'd got us up into the lead. Bobby did another hour and then I settled in for my double fuel stint. I made my 2nd mistake of the race when I did my mid stint pit stop; I failed to tick the "beginning fueling" box. Luckily I still had 1.5 laps in the tank when I stopped, so I was able to do another lap and then return to the pits to get fuel. That dropped us down to 2nd and I spent my 3rd hour in the car pushing very hard to make up for it. I was able to close the gap and even build enough of a lead to give us a stop in hand.

I finish my driving duties very proud of my effort. I had picked up only 4 incident points; 1 when avoiding a wreck and 3 small off tracks where I ran slightly wide on corner exit. Getting out of the car and knowing that the next driver was going to rejoin in the lead with a healthy gap back to 2nd was a great feeling.

Our team held the lead for another 4 hours, but ran into some trouble in the final 2 hours of the race. An accident resulted in an 11 minute pit stop for repairs and when the 12 hours were over our car was down in 8th place in class.

I'm definitely looking forward to running more of these endurance races in the future, maybe even enough to warrant building a solid team. In the mean time, I'll also be looking at running in the new Blancpain Endurance series. This week it is off to the Suzuka GP for 3 hours. This series allows people to solo drive the whole 3 hours.... which is tempting.

My clean driving led to a nice fat Safety Rating gain:

Our car looked very nice thanks to a paint job created by another r/iRacing user:

Here's what it looked like after some hard racing:

Finally, this is a screenshot I snapped as I left home for a BBQ. With 2 hours to go we were being chased down by a hard charging 2nd; they were 5 seconds behind at this point, they're one of the cars in the pack back down the road in this screenie: