Tuesday, March 10, 2015

iRacing Stats App Update

As 2015 Season 1 was drawing to a close and I started to look forward to the next season I came to realize that my stats app didn't handle viewing information for separate cars run in the same multi-class series.

Earlier in the season I had completed a few races in the Grand Touring Cup driving the Solstice, in the final week I jumped into a race driving the Mustang. When I sync'd up my stats I found that only the information for the Solstice was showing up.

As it turns out making the application handle this situation was a pretty big task. I'm proud to say that I've refactored the code to manage a user taking part in a series driving in multiple classes. I've also put some thought into how to handle driving different cars in a single class series, like is possible in the GT3 series. At this point, I've left them all in together. Since the results all tally for a single championship, unlike a multi-class series.

Here's a screenshot showing off how the series dropdown menu displays the car type in parenthesis:

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