Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 Season 1 Goals Checkup

Top 100 in Mazda Cup42nd out of 12,718 drivers
Top 50 in the Advanced Mazda Cup35th out of 2,096 *
1st in Division 4 of Adv Mazda Cup3rd
2000+ iRating2463
Maintain B LicenseB 1.56

It's hard to predict exactly where I'll finish when the drop weeks are taken into consideration, I'm confident that I'll be able to achieve the 1st two goals. As these were my main goals going into the season I'm very happy. I put an asterisk next to my standing in the Adv MX5 Cup because I haven't run a race for that series yet this week. At the end of last week I was around 26th.

The bonus result is that I'm currently sitting in 10th of 3,656 drivers in the Production Car Challenge. I hadn't expected to enjoy that series as much as I have, nor did I expect to do so well in it.

My "it would be nice to win Div 4 of the Adv Mazda Cup" goal was pretty much shot down from the start, when it turned out Robin Austin was in the same division. Since he's currently 10th overall in the whole series, it was never really realistic to think I'd have any hope. Antoine Maes is 2nd in the division and he's 22nd over all.... he'll still be 100 points in front of me even if I get a decent result this week. So 3rd is pretty much the best I can hope for. Marek TumiƂowicz and Andries Fourie are both with in 20 points behind me.

I've easily jumped over 2000 iRating. If I was only driving in the series I'm actually focused on I think I'd be pushing around 3000.

Over the next two weeks before the end of the season I'm going to have to focus on getting my Safety Rating back up over 2.00 to maintain my B License. I dropped down into the 1.20's during Week 8, a string after terrible MX5 races at Lime Rock Chicane and Road America. In the final two weeks of the season I'm going to have to focus on being clean, and will be looking to run some GT3 and Star Mazda races and trade some iRating for Safety Rating.

Up front I'll admit that I have at times been overly aggressive in the Advanced Mazda Cup and caused some contact incidents and had a few stupid spins. Along with the usual carnage of the rookie Mazda Cup races, my handful of races in the Skip Barber series have cost me a big chunk of Safety Rating. The Skippy is definitely a car which you can't just jump into and race ever now and then. I think I'd only ever look at racing it again if I was going to put 100% focus on it for the season.

Looking forward; I'm looking forward to racing in the Advanced Mazda Cup at Road Atlanta this week and massively excited for Mount Panorama to wrap up the season next week. I think I'll try to run 1 more race this week in the Mazda Cup, as I think I could score more than the 104 points I have so far. Then the MX5 Cup is back at Lime Rock which is one of my best hunting grounds. In the Production Car Challenge I definitely want to have another race around Lime Rock Chicane, as I only picked up 88 points so far. Next week that series heads back to Laguna Seca, which should be fun.

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