Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2015 S1 Week 9

Week 9 started very well, the first race was a 146 point haul in the MX-5 Cup; the biggest I've had so far. I started on pole and got away as the others battled behind me. A little over mid way through the race, the Robin (currently 4th in the series) caught me up and went by. I wasn't too upset, I never expected to be able to hold him off. I followed him for a couple of laps when he suddenly disappeared; his internet must have failed. I managed to hold Aaron off (ranked around 25th in the series) to snatch a lucky win.

I followed this up with a 125 point score in the Production Car Challenge. Once again gaining from someone else's misfortune when the leader got taken out by an MX-5 driver.

My luck then turned; I had 3 bad performances in the MX-5 Advanced series. One of these in particular was devastating as I was comfortably in 2nd in a very high SOF race which would have earned me around ~150 points. I ran wide on the penultimate corner, putting my right rear wheel off and spinning the car into the opposite wall with only 2 laps remaining. In the fourth race my internet went crazy during warm up and I didn't get it fixed in time to grid up, forcing me to start from the pits. My lap times would have seen me battling for 2nd and 3rd.

I finally got a decent race in, finishing 4th. I really should have settled into 3rd position, as I battled for 2nd I let someone steal my podium after a poor passing attempt that compromised my lap.

With just 3 Weeks left in the season I'm very happy with where I'm currently sitting in the series which I've been focused on:

  • 9th out of 3,332 drivers in the Production Car Challenge
  • 26th out of 10,530 drivers in the MX-5 Cup
  • 31st out of 1,907 drivers in the MX-5 Advanced Cup

    Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup504.210.843-360.01
    Production Car Challenge MC216.08.070-20.09
    Street Stock Series208.05.57440-0.11
    Mazda Cup111.01.0146890.16

    Safety Rating1.78
    Corners Per Incident26.18
    Total Driving Time3 hrs 41 mins
    Race Starts8
    Race Finishes4
    Qualify Sessions9
    Time Trials0
    Podium Finishes2
    Top 5 Finishes3
    Average Finish Postion8.9
    Total Laps93

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