Friday, January 16, 2015

Oval D License

As my iRacing Stats application becomes more and more polished I realized that I had to consider that not everyone focuses purely on Road racing. While I'd never really had much desire to get into the Oval side of things I took the plunge in order to generate some data and test how my app manages each separate pool of information. This has allowed me to make design changes and fix issues which crop up when dealing with displaying stats for Road and Oval.

One change which iRacing implemented late last year was to completely hide the iRating of rookie drivers. Previously my app was able to get these "hidden" values because while they weren't displayed on the normal results webpages it was included in the data the app accesses. Now that it isn't included at all I had to hack around it so my iRating graph and other stats which rely on that figure wouldn't explode.

Then I also had to deal with what happens when someone gets promoted from rookie to D license. Of course that meant that I needed to get promoted. I'm happy to say that I've completed this arduous task and never have to run a rookie Oval race ever again.

I didn't hate Oval racing as much as I thought I would. I think I may buy the National car and run races at the tracks I have when they come up in the season, in order to earn promotion to C License so I can run in the truck series. I have a few friends who do these races, so it could be fun to join them.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
iRacing Street Stock Series102nd73

Safety Rating:2.49
Corners Per Incident:14.77
Total Driving Time:2 hrs 49 mins
Race Starts:10
Race Finishes:10
Qualify Sessions:6
Time Trials:1
Podium Finishes:2
Top 5 Finishes:3
Average Finish Postion:7.0
Total Laps:312

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