Friday, December 19, 2014

Going Slowly Is Going Well

I've already managed to put in decent results for the opening week in the four series I plan on focusing on in 2015 Season 1.

  • Advanced MX5 Cup: 120 points (27th of 381)
  • Mazda Cup: 108 points (56th of 1356)
  • Skip Barber Race Series: 82 (189th of 870)
  • Grand Touring Cup: 57 points (80th of 250)

    I plan on having a few more runs in the Skippy and Solstice (in the Grand Touring). I think it'll be hard for me to improve in the Skippy by much, as it is a very competitive series but I thoroughly enjoyed the one race I've run; where I finished 2nd. There were only 5 drivers running the Solstice in the one Grand Touring race I ran, so I'm hoping I can get into a race over the weekend which has a larger field and pick up some more points.

    I've enjoyed the close, if slow, racing so much I'm considering jumping into either the MX4 Roadster or back into the Solstice in the Production Challenge series too.

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