Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Assetto Corsa and F1 2014

Both Assetto Corsa and F1 2014 were on sale on Steam over the Christmas holiday and I snapped them both up.

I haven't done anything in Assetto Corsa beyond getting my wheel configured and getting things set up. I'm eager to give it some more play time in the new year and I'll post about my thoughts then.

I've spent a little more time in F1 2014. It took me a fair bit of tweaking the wheel config to get it feeling correct and I've started two profiles. One I'm playing on the difficulty level "Professional" and driving a Ferrari. With this combo I was able to win the opening Australian GP by some 6 seconds. I'll be using this profile when I just feel like jumping in and going fast.

The second profile I decided to treat like more of a career. I've found that the "Expert" difficulty level will give me a decent challenge without forcing me to spend the amount of focus on getting closer to perfect laps which "Legendary" would. I'll continue to reserve that kind of effort for iRacing. I decided to pretend that I was picked up by the Torro Rosso team, so I'm currently battling with JEV to see if I can out qualify him around Albert Park.

All in all I'm glad I grabbed F1 2014, just for another option when I feel like playing a racing game but don't want the stress involved with an iRacing session.

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