Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014 S4 Week 3

I kicked off the week with an Rookie MX-5 Cup win where I comfortably led from start to finish. Lime rock continues to be my happy hunting ground, I've won 7 of the 24 races I've had there in my career.

I followed this up with two races in the Advanced MX-5 Cup around Bathurst. The first didn't go so well; I was cruising along in 6th but messed up over the top of the mountain and spent 8 minutes in the pits. Next time out was much better. That is an understatement actually; I started from 15th and finished in 3rd. I had to battle past a couple of drivers who really did their best to keep me behind them and by the end of the intense race I was rewarded with my first ever 100+ point haul. Easily in the top 5 races I've had.

A fair amount of time was spent practicing for the single GT3 race which I found the time to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed testing all four of the GT3 cars and tweaking setups before deciding to go with the BMW Z4 again. The 75 minute race around Road Atlanta was good fun and I was happy with my 8th position finish. I had hoped to complete another race, as I found another second with more testing and setup tweaking, but I never found the time.

I squeezed in a Star Mazda race around Spa, but with out any practice, setup tweaking, qualifying I found myself circulating by myself at the back of the pack. Enjoyable, but not exactly a great race.

The rest of my iRacing was spent jumping into a few cars which I hadn't really given a lot of time to; the Mustang, Ruf C-Spec and the Skippy. I managed a good race in the Mustang around Bathurst and a half hearted race in the Skippy at Donington was enjoyable enough to make me consider spending some more time in the Skippy next season.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Mazda Cup21st86
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series23rd105
Skip Barber Race Series110th37
Star Mazda Championship19th43
iRacing Grand Touring Cup MC14th67
GT3 Challenge Series18th73

Safety Rating:3.42
Corners Per Incident:43.66
Total Driving Time:5 hrs 46 mins
Race Starts:8
Race Finishes:8
Qualify Sessions:9
Time Trials:1
Podium Finishes:2
Top 5 Finishes:3
Average Finish Postion:6.9
Total Laps:152

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