Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 S4 Week 1

I had said that I probably wouldn't be focusing on the MX5 Cup this season, I got suckered into running 9 races in week 1 of the series. The initial reason was that I just love driving the MX5 around Summit Point; it was the car and track which welcomed me to iRacing 4 months ago and it makes me realize how far I've come. The problem was, I got taken out in all 4 of my first races. Once while attempting to lap a moronic back marker when leading by 12 seconds....

After those shockers I actually had some excellent races, taking a win and two 2nd places (one of which I threw away the lead in).

I completed two races in the GT3 series, the first was a poor initial experience; I got taken out by a very impatient idiot. The 2nd race was better, I managed a 4th and could have been better but I spun early on. These two races also influenced my running more MX5 Cup races, as I decided that I won't do any more GT3 races until I'm able to raise my iRating enough to get me out of the bottom split. The SOF of the bottom split is ~1100 and some drivers had ~600's. Those numbers really highlight the skill level I witnessed. I figure once I get up around 1600 - 1700 I'll be in the middle splits and I hope the racing will be better.

I ran one official race in the MX5 Advanced and managed a well earned 4th place. The top three were aliens and gapped me and the 5th place finisher by about 15 seconds. 5th was around 1 second behind me all race and I really felt the pressure but managed to keep it clean and secure 4th.

I also ran the Ford GT in the World Sports Car Series. I was the only car in my class so it was an easy win. I thoroughly enjoyed staying out of the way of the faster HPD's and Prototypes. I'll definitely be doing more of these races.

Finally I attempted a Star Mazda race but got spun around at Turn 2 of lap 1, causing too much damage for me to continue. Sigh.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Mazda Cup91 st79
GT3 Challenge Series24 th65
Star Mazda Championship116 th0
World Sports Car Series MC113 th51
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series14 th89

Safety Rating:1.51
Total Driving Time:5 hrs 50 mins
Total Points:611
Podium Finishes:3
Top 5 Finishes:6
Average Finish Postion:5.5
Total Laps:223

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