Friday, October 31, 2014

iRacing Stats App Update

I haven't posted much about the progress I've been making on my iRacing Stats app, but don't be fooled into thinking that means there hasn't been a lot of work done.

The end of 2014 Season 3 saw a big update to iRacing which, among other things, added driver swaps. Part of this update included changes to the structure of the data which is available from which my application relies on. This forced me to make changes to get everything working again.

On top of that there was a new track added, which got me thinking about how I was handling the track list. I had included a csv file which contained shorter versions of the track names, creating a database table from this information. Obviously updating that for all users any time iRacing add tracks would be a pain. So I changed things such that I no longer needed the csv file. The one downside of this was losing the "corners per incident" stat, since the number of corners isn't provided by iRacing in a way I can easily extract.

Similarly I had previously included a csv file listing all the series names. I modified my system so it'll pull these details directly from the server; removing another thing I'd have to update manually each season.

Aside from these little "tweaks" I've also added Race Graphs which display lap times and allow you to compare your laps with everyone else in the event. It also shows incidents as dots. Here's a sample:

I'll record a fresh video demo of the whole app in the near future.

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