Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 S3: Mazda Cup

Overall standing: 167th out of 12,811

I feel that my results in the Mazda Cup do a good job of showing my improvement over the season. This is really highlighted by the graphs below displaying the iRating gains and the steady dropping of my incidents per race in this series. The Safety Rating graph is kind of bogus because it just happened to be two Mazda Cup races which saw my SR take two -0.50 hits when it dropped below 3.0. If you ignore that -1.0 the remaining -0.5 is easily explained by the couple of races where I was taken out by morons.

I'm kind of tempted to avoid races in this rookie series next season, because the SR hits will be even harder (since I'll be B licensed) and my iRating won't be high enough to ensure I'm placed into the upper splits. However, the fact that I can so easily farm iRating here combined with the fact that I really do enjoy driving the MX5 means that I'll probably do at least a couple of races a week in this series in 2014 Season 4.

Total Driving Time:15 hrs 36 mins
Podium Finishes:22
Top 5 Finishes:28
Average Finish Postion:4.5
Total Points:2488
Total Laps:649

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