Thursday, September 25, 2014

Returning to Summit Point in the MX5

When I originally signed up to give iRacing a shot, back in July, Summit Point was the current track hosting the rookie MX5 Cup. The number of times I spun out attempting to get around turn 4 with any sort of speed and momentum would be a scary large figure.

I ran 39 races that first week. Slowly I progress from sucking terribly to scoring my 1st win. I still sucked quite badly, but my iRating was so low I was able to beat people by simple being able to keep the car on the track. Even knowing that it was an empty victory, that first win was very satisfying. Mostly because I'd choked twice while comfortably in the lead.

The first contested win, a battle which lasted many laps and continued right to the last lap, well that win was amazing. It made me realize that iRacing was going to be something that I would be doing a lot in the future.

Now that we're back at Summit Point in the MX5's I became vividly aware of how much I've progressed since that first week. No longer is the focus simply on keeping the front end pointed forwards and the back end correctly towards the rear. Now I'm trying to get back on the power a tenth sooner. I'm dynamically adjusting my breaking points to suit the tire wear and fuel weight of the car. Most enjoyably of all I'm fainting down the inside to make the guy in front of me compromise his entry and set him up for an undercut 3 corners up the road.

I'm still not good.

But damn I enjoy attempting to be super clean and battling away for position.

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