Friday, September 26, 2014

100 Hours....

The data collection and analysis system I've been hacking around on as part of my intense iRacing addiction is telling me that I have been at the wheel during competition sessions for 99 hrs 33 mins.

In just one more race, I'll click over the 100 hours of racing, qualifying and time trials sessions. I can clearly recollect 5 races which were utterly amazing and well worth battling through a lot of the rookie carnage early on.

Some of the rookie carnage was caused by me. I've learned a lot and best of all, I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning. The community around iRacing is a real positive,

I signed up for iRacing in July.

  • I have driven 3,804 laps
  • I have started 344 races (finishing 302 of them)
  • I have finished first 17 times
  • I have stood on the podium 55 times

    2014 Season 3 is my first full season and I've competed in 7 out of 8 weeks in the following series: star mazda, spec racing ford, mx5 advanced, mx5 rookie. I listed those in order of enjoyment.

    I am focusing on earning my B license before the start of the next season. I suspect I'll drop the mx5 rookie and look at continuing on the open wheeler path. I hope I can bend to the set times of one of the lotus series.

    GT3 us tempting too though.....

    Current License:C
    Current Safety Rating:2.60
    Current iRating:1416
    Current ttRating:1447
    Total Driving Time:99 hrs 33 mins
    Total Points:8254
    Podium Finishes:55
    Top 5 Finishes:78
    Average Finish Postion:6.1
    Total Laps:3718
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