Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spec Racer Ford

To kick off my little series detailing my first thoughts about each of the iRacing cars I've recently got access to, I'm going to start with the Spec Racer Ford.

I only had a little amount of driving time in the SRF before the latest update, those initial laps got me excited for the car in general but I didn't really get a good feel for it. The SRF's first stop in 2014 Season 3 will be Laguna Seca, so I've put in a few laps around there. I'm still very excited about running the whole season in this car, but I definitely need to tweak the setup to counter the off throttle over steer which I've found is the norm now with the baseline setup.

The difference in racing line compared with the MX5 is very noticeable. The huge amount of front end grip as you enter a corner but lower top speed makes me think that good lap times will come down to maintaining momentum. At Laguna Seca that means that T6 and the run up the hill will be crucial.

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