Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Project

While I'm very happy with my google spreadsheet based iRacing stats tracking setup, I haven't been able to stop pondering a different way of doing things. The downside of the current spreadsheet based system is that I need to manually download each CSV from the iRacing site and then upload and append it to the correct sheet.

I'm currently actively updating my knowledge of the python programming language and figured that it would be a great language to create a more automated system with. I've made some good early progress; automated collection of iRacing event results and inserting these into a database.

With all this info sitting in a local database, I'm now learning about various graphing systems available in python and will be working on replicating the same sort of "overview" page that the current spreadsheet system displays.

I'll be updating here as I make more progress.

Here's a teaser image:

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