Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Fanatec DD1

It's here! It's even installed and configured!

I'm still testing out the native Fanatec settings, but have initially settled on the following configuration for iRacing:

SEN - Sensitivity - auto (1080) 
FFB - Force Feedback - 50
SHO - Shock/Vibration - default (not used by me) 
ABS - ABS - default (not used by me) 
FOR - Force Effect - 100 
SPR - Spring Effect - 100 (not used by iRacing) 
DPR - Damper Effect - 100 (not used by iRacing) 
NDP - Natural Damper - 40 
NFR - Natural Friction - 15 
FEI - FFB Intensity - 60 
APM - APM Mode - default 

My initial review after ~20 hours of driving time mirrors what I've read from other's:

The range of the torque strength available is immense. The jump up from my trusty 5 year old G27 is as huge as you'd expect. As you can see from the settings I'm using above, I've got it dialed in to only use 30% of the available strength. In my opinion, the fidelity and immediacy of the feedback is the real benefit.