Friday, August 19, 2016

G27 Force Map

I read about the new force feedback forceMap option that was added to iRacing back in May 2016 on Ed Racing.

I was interested in checking it out. The first thing I did was generate graphs of the forceMap.csv file which David Tucker from the iRacing dev team released and the one which Ed created.

David's file:

Ed's file:

After looking at these two files and reading through David's posts in the thread I created my own. I doubled the number of data points in order to smooth out the transitions.

My file:

I've run a few practice sessions and races using this forceMap.csv file (save it into your /documents/iRacing folder). Like Ed's summation; I find driving when using my forceMap file I get better feedback as to what is going on with the rear of the car. Feeling when I'm on the edge of traction is a huge improvement. Along with this I get a better idea of weight transfer side to side in the car.

Honestly, it is a big step up.

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