Sunday, June 5, 2016

Found time to race

My life has been rather busy lately, what with buying a house and welcoming our second child into the world.

I finally managed to find time to sneak in a couple of races, the first was a very enjoyable win at Bathurst in the Solstice in a Production Car race. The second was more entertaining; a 3rd at Lime Rock in the Spec Racer Ford.

I wouldn't have every considered myself very good in the SRF, having not spent enough time in the seat to really get a good grip of the thing. Basically any time I get near the edge of the envelop I quickly find myself pointing in the wrong direction. Still, I decided to jump into a race at Lime Rock because that track has always been good to me.

I qualified in 3rd in the top split and found myself in the lead after the left hander. I quickly messed it all up though and was dead last after the first lap.

I managed to come to a some what stable lap time and managed to climb from 11th back up into 5th. With 10 laps remaining I felt confident of hunting down 4th and managed it a couple of laps later. I realised I was gaining on 3rd at a good rate and even though I was some 16 seconds behind him with 8 laps to go I maybe had a slim chance of catching him by the end of the race....

With 6 laps to go I caught a glimpse of him down the main straight and each lap I was making big gains:

I'd strung together 8 quick and clean laps and I pipped him as we crossed the finish line!

Damn I've missed racing.

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