Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of 2016 Season 2: Road Career Stats

To be honest; I was kind of amazed that my iRacing Stats application still worked. I'd noticed that the devs had made a number of changes to the stats on the members pages and figured that this would have included changes to the data which my app pulls. Turns out they didn't. Yay.

I figured I'd post up a full career stats dump, mostly to highlight how very little time I've had to put into iRacing since the end of 2015 Season 2. That was when we moved back to Australia after living in the United States for 3 years.

For the up coming 2016 Season 3 I do hope that I can set aside two hours each week so I can compete in a series. Most likely it would be Grand Touring, but the couple of Spec Racer Ford events I've stumbled into this weekend have been a real hoot.... Perhaps even the Ford GT in the revived Proto/GT series? Basically it'll come down to participation levels at the times I can set aside to drive.

With that in mind, the hugely popular GT3 or Formula Renault 2.0 series need consideration. The downside of both of these is that my iRating would put me in the top split and it'd be a very humbling couple of races each week. The upside is that I'd be sure to get some interesting mid-pack action every time I strapped in for a drive.

SeriesRacesWinsAvg PTSAvg Start PosAvg Fin PosAvg iRAvg SR
Mazda Cup 17721473.35.611-0.02
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup (MX5-C) 763536.79.0-2-0.03
Star Mazda 731379.29.4-90.09
Grand Touring Cup (FR500) 7027771.92.7180.05
Prod Car Challenge (SOL) 3619901.91.9420.04
Spec Racer Ford Challenge 342426.47.32-0.05
Skip Barber Race Series 2203211.711.0-27-0.05
Grand Touring Cup (SOL) 226713.03.1180.04
Ruf Cup 170366.611.7-54-0.06
13th Week Mazda Cup 155573.08.1190.04
Blancpain Endurance Series 1203516.717.8-370.15
Global Challenge 602813.313.3-34-0.03
13th Week SRF Challenge 304513.012.3-460.22
IMSA Sportscar (R12C) 30392.33.0-460.04
IMSA Sportscar (FGT) 21343.03.5-24-0.04
Prod Car Challenge (MX5-R) 10601.03.0-3-0.24
Road Warrior Series 107621.08.001.83
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup (MX16) 1021.017.0-131-0.11
Global Challenge - Open 102110.010.0-380.03
Corvette Challenge 10363.04.0-500.10
Formula Renault 2.0 107020.014.0-7-0.02 MAZDA MX-5 Cup 10011.011.0-90-0.01

Safety Rating3.28
Corners Per Incident27.67
Total Driving Time304 hrs 47 mins
Race Starts575
Race Finishes459
Race Laps7845
Race Incidents3785
Podium Finishes209
Top 5 Finishes277
Average Finish Postion6.8
Qualifying Sessions290
Qualifying Laps2067
Qualifying Incidents1325
Time Trials Run44
TT Laps907
TT Incidents473

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