Thursday, January 21, 2016

D Class Challenge Stats

I'm attempting to answer the question of "how long would it take me to get from 1350 iRating to 3000 iRating?" I'm running only D class events, mostly focusing on my pet series; Production Car Challenge. I've sprinkled in a few races from other series, most recently running the Solstice around Bathurst in the Grand Touring Cup.

SeriesRacesWinsAvg PTSAvg Start PosAvg Fin PosAvg iRAvg SR
Prod Car Challenge 2615691.21.6410.04
Mazda Cup 124523.63.870.09
Grand Touring Cup 63463.83.290.16
13th Week Mazda Cup 73262.16.6-17-0.03
Spec Racer Ford Challenge 10775.03.0400.10

Safety Rating3.44
Corners Per Incident30.73
Total Driving Time16 hrs 44 mins
Race Starts42
Race Finishes39
Race Laps583
Race Incidents219
Podium Finishes34
Top 5 Finishes35
Average Finish Postion3.3
Qualifying Sessions10
Qualifying Laps88
Qualifying Incidents29
Time Trials Run0

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