Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Road 2015 Season 4

Here's a dump of the stats from my initial come back races. I had a few ugly incidents as I got back into the swing of things, which took a large chunk of safety rating and dropped me back down to B license. Oops.

SeriesRacesWinsAvg PTSAvg Start PosAvg Fin PosAvg iRAvg SR
Mazda Cup 102413.83.53-0.14
Production Car Challenge 41355.26.2-00.04
Skip Barber Race Series 10514.015.0-105-0.08
Grand Touring Cup 21289.08.0-40.07
Ruf Cup 3193.08.3-28-0.06

Safety Rating1.51
Corners Per Incident22.16
Total Driving Time4 hrs 34 mins
Race Starts10
Race Finishes6
Qualify Sessions10
Time Trials0
Podium Finishes2
Top 5 Finishes4
Average Finish Postion9.3
Total Laps112

Saturday, November 7, 2015

I'm Back!

After a longer than expected hiatus I've finally got my sim racing rig back up and running. I was dreading that any skills I had built up would have withered away, but I was quite happy to find that I with only a few laps of practice I was able to secure a third place in a top split MX5 Cup race.

I also turned a few practice laps in the Ruf with the Team Ruf guys and was somewhat amazed that I was able to post a very competitive time around Lime Rock.

I'm very eager to get some seat time in the new cars I'd purchased but hadn't had a chance to drive yet; the Aston Martin and the Kia.