Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Road 2015 S2 Week 7

I thoroughly enjoyed racing the Mustang at Monza this week. While it is a very simple track, I found that much like Montreal the mix of long fast straights and tight chicanes led to some very exciting battles. My first 4 races there for the week weren't very productive points wise and since I was enjoying the racing so much I ended up putting in a total of 8 official races for the week. I then ran a couple of races in the Solstice in the Grand Touring Cup and found that Monza was almost as much fun in the slow little turtle as it was in the big pony.

This week also saw the MX5 at Mount Panorama in the Advanced series. I managed to run 3 races and they were all very awesome, especially the race with Hollis and Mick.

SeriesRacesWinsPointsAvg StartAvg FinAvg iRAvg SR
Grand Touring Cup @ Monza GP1041084.64.227-0.03
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup @ Mount Panorama301075.03.7420.11
Production Car Challenge @ Okayama Full211058.56.040-0.02

Safety Rating3.46
Corners Per Incident44.91
Total Driving Time8 hrs 30 mins
Race Starts15
Race Finishes15
Qualify Sessions8
Time Trials0
Podium Finishes8
Top 5 Finishes11
Average Finish Postion4.3
Total Laps189

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