Saturday, May 2, 2015

Catch Up

I'd slipped out of the habit of posting weekly stats and a wrap up on Tuesdays. I've just dumped stats for the 4 weeks I missed.

The general overview is that I've continued to thoroughly enjoy driving the Mustang in the Grand Touring Cup and putting in solid results. I'm currently sitting 4th in the series, though that isn't exactly "true" because a number of the very quick guys have already missed a week or two. I'd say that all in all I'm currently in the top 10.

I have especially enjoyed the Mustang at Road America and Monza as both of these tracks have led to some incredibly tight races. I loved turning laps at Brands Hatch and Summit Point, but races at those two tracks didn't result in many passing opportunities.

Along with the GTC I've continued to run in the Ruf Cup, slowly learning how to tame the beast. Unlike the Mustang, I really haven't clicked in the Ruf C-Spec yet. I still feel as though I'm constantly on the edge of losing control, yet I'm always 2 seconds or more per lap off the pace. Its obvious that I need more practice, but I'm finding it difficult to muster up the motivation to dedicate seat time to the Ruf over the Mustang.

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