Thursday, March 5, 2015

Road 2015 S1 Week 12

I'm going to declare myself done with Week 12 and therefore 2015 Season 1. I've booked some solid results this week and I'm also down at 2.09 Safety Rating. I really don't want to risk dropping below 2.00 and having to grind it back up during the madness of Week 13.

I took a win in my only trip to Bathurst in the MX5 Advanced series, I really enjoyed it. Even though I was able to lead from green lights to checkered flag I was under pressure to hold Stephane ~2 seconds behind me.

I laughed with glee as I watched two very fast, highly ranked drivers have a stupid accident which ended their MX5 Cup race at Lime Rock and allowed me a pretty easy drive to a huge 146 point haul. It took me 3 races before I managed to get a clean race in, but it was worth it.

In the Production Car Cup I needed to score more than 105 points for this week to be counted in my results. I only managed a 104, so this week will go into the drop week bucket. I'm currently 6th overall in the whole championship so I don't feel too compelled to try for more. Risk vs reward makes it pretty easy to declare myself very happy with my performance in the Solstice. I never expected to be able to finish in the top 10 of any series.

Mazda Cup312.36.764-17-0.06
Production Car Challenge103.02.010441-0.18
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup111.01.0110670.22

Safety Rating2.09
Corners Per Incident24.41
Total Driving Time2 hrs 51 mins
Race Starts5
Race Finishes4
Qualify Sessions7
Time Trials0
Podium Finishes3
Top 5 Finishes3
Average Finish Postion4.6
Total Laps76

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