Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Fast?

I've started work on another little application, similar to Race Info, but this time focused on Qualy and Practice sessions. I call it How Fast?

The general idea is to allow the user to easily compare their current best times for a car and track combo with the current qualifying pole time, the best time from recent races and the best and worst average lap time from the winner of recent races.

I have it all working as I planned, now I'm pondering if I should merge this app with the work I've done for Race Info. I'd have to rename it, perhaps to something like Session Info. The logic would be that you join an iRacing session and if it detects that it is a race, it'll return the info which is currently displayed by Race Info. If a qualy or practice session is detected it'll return the info from How Fast? This would also spur me into working on code to return helpful information about time trial sessions.

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