Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015 S1 Week 7

I kicked off the week with two good races early on, locking in a decent points haul in both the Mazda Cup and the Production Car Challenge series. I then messed around with some oval racing before attempting two races in the Advanced Mazda Cup series. Oh my how badly they went.

I spent a fair bit of time practicing in the MX5 at Oulton. I'd driven the track previously but not with the MX5. It is a tricky sucker but I finally found a setup and driving style which resulted in a decent qualy time. I started both races from 3rd on the grid. In the first race I found myself spinning on my roof after being involved in a crash; I lost the rear end and the guy behind me hit my rear corner and flipped me. Sigh. The next outting was just as bad, if more caused by my own mistakes.

So I gave up and declared Week 7 my drop week in the Adv MX5 Cup. Bummer. On top of this, those two races really hurt my Safety Rating. I'm now close to dropping back below 2.00, which I would dearly love to avoid.

NASCAR National Series3016.013.033-17-0.00
Street Stock Series308.75.068480.04
Production Car Challenge MC221.52.510166-0.01
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup205.518.018-84-0.20
Mazda Cup111.01.0119850.04

Safety Rating2.02
Corners Per Incident23.30
Total Driving Time2 hrs 40 mins
Race Starts5
Race Finishes3
Qualify Sessions5
Time Trials0
Podium Finishes2
Top 5 Finishes3
Average Finish Postion8.4
Total Laps56

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