Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some Solstice Lap Videos

I started 2015 Season 1 wanting to race the slowest cars on the service. I quickly fell in love with the Solstice. This is a fast lap from a race in Week 1 of the iRacing Production Car Challenge. At this stage I was still learning the car.

In other series I've always found this track to be too tight to be any real fun in a race. But the slower speeds of the solstice really suit it. It was the first time I enjoyed racing here for Week 2 of the Production Car Challenge.

Charlotte's road course has never been my favorite track and I certainly wasn't very quick here in only Week 3 of my journey into Solstice town.

By the time Week 4 rolled around I was beginning to feel like I had a good idea of how to coax the Solstice around a track. It was this week that I realized that I could be very competitive in this series.

Week 5 of the iRacing Production Car Challenge solidified that I was pretty damn quick in the Solstice and decided to focus a lot of energy on securing the best possible result in the series.

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