Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 S1 Week 6

Week 6 of 2015 Season 1 was a blast. I was very eager to drive the Solstice around Mount Panorama in the Grand Touring Cup. I made a crucial mistake in the first attempt; I failed to realize it was a 40 minute race and didn't put in enough fuel. On the 2nd attempt I thought I'd added enough, but ran out of gas on my last trip down the mountain and finally came to a halt about 3 meters short of the finish line. The 3rd attempt I got taken out by spinning back marker Jettas. It all came good on my 4th race though, I took down a 133 championship point win. I'd spent the first 11 laps (that's almost 30 minutes) with 2nd place pressuring me, sitting between 0.3 sec and 1.5 secs behind me. I'll post up a video of that shortly.

I had good races in the other series, but nothing compared to that win at Bathurst.

Grand Touring Cup MC4115.216.059-80.06
Mazda Cup408.28.850-16-0.04
Adv Mazda MX-5 Cup305.37.358-90.03
Production Car Challenge MC224.53.5100700.28
Street Stock Series1010.015.07-650.02

Safety Rating2.61
Corners Per Incident34.31
Total Driving Time6 hrs 21 mins
Race Starts13
Race Finishes10
Qualify Sessions9
Time Trials0
Podium Finishes1
Top 5 Finishes4
Average Finish Postion9.8
Total Laps130

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