Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 S1 Week 3

Once again I found it hard to set aside much time for iRacing this past week. I managed to get in 6 races.

It took me 3 attempts to post a decent result in the Mazda Cup as I found myself in the mid pack of the top split. Being surrounded by aggressive drivers while trying to get around Lime Rock was a new and frustrating experience. I'm glad to find that I'm now around 80th of 4578 in the Mazda Cup.

I enjoyed the 1 race I did in the Solstice for the Production Car Challenge, winning a tough battle for 2nd in class. I'm extremely pleased to find that I'm ranked around the top 25 of 1350 drivers in the Production Car series.

The single race I did in the Advanced Mazda Cup was all I could stand of the Silverstone Club track. I was punted off at the 3rd corner by an idiot. Thankfully I battled back through the field and finished 5th. I can't claim an amazing drive though, I did manage to work my way back to 6th but then ran off the road at T3 two laps in a row and dropped back to 8th. I got lucky when the guys in front of me either made bigger mistakes or got disqualified. Yes the DQ'd guy was the same clown who punted me at the start of the race. Thanks karma. I remain firmly in the top 50, around 35th of 1092 in the Advanced Mazda Cup.

The Skippy race was a total joke, I was in the top split of one of the last races of the week. I'd done no practice or qualifying and generally spent my time spinning off the track. Gross.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Mazda Cup31st105
Skip Barber Race Series111th14
iRacing Production Car Challenge MC12nd100
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series15th80

Safety Rating:1.35
Corners Per Incident:20.05
Total Driving Time:3 hrs 16 mins
Race Starts:6
Race Finishes:5
Qualify Sessions:7
Time Trials:0
Podium Finishes:1
Top 5 Finishes:2
Average Finish Postion:6.3
Total Laps:95

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