Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 S1 Week 2

I managed to squeeze in an ok number of qualy sessions and 7 races in between Christmas festivities. Pretty good considering. My first two attempts at races around Sebring Club in the MX5 Advanced series were dismal and almost turned me off even giving it a 3rd attempt and just declaring this as my drop week. I'm glad I did run it again, in the 2nd last race of the week as I was able to take out 3rd in a fairly strong field.

The first attempt in the Solstice around Jefferson Reverse was a similarly bad start. Not that I expected much more. I was surprised that the 2nd race was far better, though how I lost the lead was kind of annoying; as we approached a lapped car through the esses the guy who I'd been fending off bumped passed me. Oh well.

The Mazda Cup races were fun as usual.

I totally failed to remember to run a race in the Grand Touring series. I feel a little dumb about this one as I put in a bit of practice getting the Solstice around Mid-Ohio and it seemed like it was going to be good fun. Bummer.

I practiced getting the Skippy around Suzuka and even completed a qualy session but never found the time or inclination to complete a race. I was almost going to do one yesterday but after spinning a few times in practice before the race I decided to give it a miss. I really wasn't in the patient mood which I find the Skippy requires. The bad thing about this is that next up is COTA, which last time I tried it in the Skippy I found hideously unfun.

The downside of the week was that I again slipped below 2.0 Safety Rating. No stress as I have plenty of time to make it back up before the end of the season.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series33rd97
iRacing Production Car Challenge MC22nd83
Mazda Cup22nd95

Safety Rating:1.52
Corners Per Incident:22.22
Total Driving Time:3 hrs 56 mins
Race Starts:7
Race Finishes:6
Qualify Sessions:8
Time Trials:1
Podium Finishes:3
Top 5 Finishes:3
Average Finish Postion:7.7
Total Laps:103

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