Thursday, December 25, 2014

2015 S1 Week 1

I'm pretty happy with how the opening week of 2015 Season 1 went. I had some awesome races in the MX5 Advanced and Skippy series. I only had the time for one shot at each of the Mazda Cup, Grand Touring and Production Car races, but they all went pretty damn well too.

I gained a stack of iRating over the week which has pushed me up into the top split for the MX5 Advanced and Rookie races. This is great in terms of quality of racing, but it does mean that I'm tending to score less points than when I just blitz the 2nd split. Sort of strange that if I want to increase my chances of finishing in the top 100 in the Mazda Cup I would be better off dropping some iRating so I could avoid the stronger fields. I've decided that I'd rather enjoy tight mid pack racing than try and game the system to aim for the better end of season standing.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series43rd120
Skip Barber Race Series32nd82
iRacing Production Car Challenge MC11st73
iRacing Grand Touring Cup MC113th57
Mazda Cup12nd108

Safety Rating:2.34
Corners Per Incident:28.83
Total Driving Time:7 hrs 28 mins
Race Starts:10
Race Finishes:8
Qualify Sessions:8
Time Trials:5
Podium Finishes:4
Top 5 Finishes:4
Average Finish Postion:9.0
Total Laps:144

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