Saturday, December 13, 2014

2014 Season 4

I took a break from iRacing over the last few weeks, when I did find the time to have a gaming session I found myself firing up Grid: Autosport or Wreckfest for some stress free racing. More often though I found myself launching Civilization: Beyond Earth, and then Civ 5 when I realized that Beyond Earth simply wasn't as good.

I did attempt a few races during the last week of the short Season 4. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Both the MX5 Rookie and Advanced series were at "rovals" (ie: the road course of an oval circuit) and I was quickly reminded why I hate them. My safety rating plummeted as I was involved in stupid accidents which I didn't cause but simply could not avoid. 5 races in a row. Sigh.

I can't see myself finding enough time during the next few days to pull my safety rating back up over 2, which means that when the new season kicks off I'll be demoted from B license back down to C. I've thought about this and it really doesn't concern me. I won't be able to drive in the GT3 series, but I have decided that sticking to the two MX5 series seems like the smart choice.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Mazda Cup161st85
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series101st92
13th Week Mazda Cup41st85
GT3 Challenge Series44th73
Star Mazda Championship36th60
World Sports Car Series MC210th51
Skip Barber Race Series110th37
iRacing Grand Touring Cup MC14th67

Safety Rating:1.27
Corners Per Incident:19.07
Total Driving Time:22 hrs 4 mins
Race Starts:41
Race Finishes:28
Qualify Sessions:25
Time Trials:4
Podium Finishes:9
Top 5 Finishes:14
Average Finish Postion:8.3
Total Laps:568

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