Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Purchases To Prep for Season 4

I used up the credits I had from the recent "$100 for $75" deal and Season 3 participation credits to grab everything that I'll be requiring for Season 4. The list was:

  • Barber Motorsports Park
  • Circuit Park Zandvoort
  • Silverstone Circuit
  • Twin Ring Motegi
  • Lotus 79
  • Ford GT
  • Dallara DW12
  • Lotus 49
  • HPD ARX-01c

    I already had all the content required to complete every week of the two series I enjoyed the most in Season 3; Star Mazda and MX5 Advanced. Beyond those I was keen on giving the GT3, World Sports Car Series and the Lotus 79.

    I made the decision to buy the Ford GT as it would allow me to run the GT3 version in the GT3 series and also run the GT2 version in the WSCC. Silverstone and Twin Ring Motegi are the opening tracks for the GT3 series, they're both popular on the service; they were no-brainers.

    Barber is being used in the WSCC and Zandvoort in the Spec Racer Ford. While I don't think that the SRF will be a huge focus for me in the next season, I definitely did have enjoyable races last season. I figured it was worth while having all the content required, just in case.

    Considering how much I enjoyed the Star Mazda, I decided to continue with the open wheelers. The Lotus 79 will probably be the one I put the most time into, but I figured I'd add the Lotus 49 and DW12 just for shits and giggles. The L49 has already delivered both shits and giggles in just the first 20 minutes of trying to keep it on the track. My initial playing around in the DW12 hasn't scared me off from considering trying a few Indy Road races.

    Finally I decided to add the HPD to the purchase, figuring I could give it a bash in the WSCC too. I'm already glad that I did, oh boy what a fun vehicle.

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