Friday, October 3, 2014

Looking Forward to 2014 Season 4

There's about two and a half weeks left in iRacing's 2014 Season 3 and my focus is becoming more and more on edging my Safety Rating back up over 3.00 in order to secure my promotion into B license. I'd like to give the both the GT3 and Lotus 79 series a go during the short Season 4.

As I've mentioned a few times, the Star Mazda races are my go to "SR gaining" events. I've put in a decent amount of practice around this week's track, Road America, and feel confident I can run some races and get up over 3 this week. With the extra .5 bump you get when you cross a threshold I'm confident I can then maintain an SR over 3 till the end of the season.

The downside is that the Spec Racer Ford is at COTA this week, which is a massive SR killer for me. I've done some practice but am not very confident of being able to complete a race with out burning through a whole stack of safety rating.

The track line up for the final two weeks of S3 for the three series I'm taking part in are:

  • SRF = Summit Point and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • MX5 Advanced = Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Road Atlanta
  • Star Mazda = Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Watkins Glen International

    While Mid-Ohio will be new to me, the fact that it's being used by all three series should make it easy for me to gain any SR I still require.... Once I've learned how to get around it safely.

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