Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Season 3 Wrap Up

Today is the last day of iRacing 2014 Season 3 and I don't think I'll get a chance to do another event before it all comes to an end. I had hoped to get in one decent race in the Spec Racer Ford because the one attempt I made this week was a shocker and I just needed a 53 pointer to jump a position in my division. Oh well.

The upside of not doing another race this season is that the last race I did was one of the best I've had; a 4th place in the MX5 Advanced series at Road Atlanta which netted me a 96 point haul. I was car #19 of 23, meaning that only 4 people in the race had lower iRating than me. Beyond the pride of completely out performing my iRating, it was an awesome race. For most of the race I trailed close behind two drivers as they battled it out for 3rd and was able to slip into 4th when one of them failed to make a clean pass through the chicane and copped a course cut penalty.

Below is the overview of the entire season. I'll make separate posts for each of the 4 series which I competed in. In those posts I'll do a bit of analysis, it becomes pretty clear which series saw gains / losses in either Safety Rating or iRating. One overall trend which I am very happy with is the Average Incidents graph has trended downwards from a peak of around 10 per race down to 5 per race at the end of the season. As is the fact that I finished in the top 5 in over 20% of races.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Star Mazda Championship681st63
Mazda Cup471st82
iRacing Spec Racer Ford Challenge311st59
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series291st72
iRacing Global Challenge610th52
Skip Barber Race Series210th42
iRacing Grand Touring Cup MC210th65
iRacing Global Challenge - Open112th21

Safety Rating:3.21
Total Driving Time:80 hrs 5 mins
Total Points:7743
Podium Finishes:39
Top 5 Finishes:57
Average Finish Postion:6.9
Total Laps:2834

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