Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 S3 Week 13

My Safety Rating is sitting at 3.21. With this in mind I don't think I'll be running in the Week 13 MX5 Rookie series, its more important to me to protect my SR to ensure promotion to B License. Especially considering three of the days feature tracks I don't enjoy; Charlotte Road, Summit Point Jefferson Reverse and Okayama Short.

The 24 hours of fun events are:

  1. Silverado @ Gateway
  2. VF Commodore @ Bathurst
  3. GT3 cars @ Spa
  4. FR500S, MX-5, SRF, Jetta, Late Model @ Watkins Glen Cup
  5. Super Late Model @ Lucas Oil Raceway
  6. FW31 @ Donington Park

My thoughts on those are:

  1. Oval, no thanks.
  2. Sounds good, but I'm not buying the VF Commodore (maybe when the new Ford V8 is added).
  3. Yes please! Will be my first outing in the Ford GT GT3.
  4. I might jump into either the FR500S, MX-5 or SRF for this.
  5. Oval, no thanks.
  6. Do not own the FW31

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