Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 S3 Week 11

I didn't get a chance to put in many races for week 11 (and managed zero time trial sessions). The races I did run were very enjoyable and I really wish I had of got to put in more time at Mid Ohio in both the MX5 and the Star Mazda, as I really came to love the track. Its a tricky bugger, especially in the Star Mazda, and therefore is very rewarding when you hook up a good lap.

I only did one race in the Spec Racer Ford around Summit Point but it really reinforced my feeling that its currently my favorite "free" circuit.

The most satisfying part of the week was getting my Safety Rating back up over 3.0 and holding it there easily. I just need to maintain it for week 12 and avoid spewing it off during the week 13 fun and I'll be promoted to B license for next season. GT3 here I come!

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Star Mazda Championship36th41
Mazda Cup21st76
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series22nd56
iRacing Spec Racer Ford Challenge12nd51

Safety Rating:3.50
Total Driving Time:3 hrs 24 mins
Total Points:296
Podium Finishes:3
Top 5 Finishes:3
Average Finish Postion:7.6
Total Laps:127

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