Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 S3: Star Mazda Championship

Overall standing: 224th out of 2,827

The Star Mazda proved to be my Safety Rating farm for Season 3. I lost a stack of iRating but had an extreme amount of fun. Week 10 at Road America was especially bad, as I mentioned in a previous update; the number of huge 1st lap pile ups was amazing. What was a fairly sane series for the rest of the season seemed to become infested with crazy drivers, drawn like moths to the flame which is Road America.

It took me until Week 4 to really get up to speed in the Star Mazda. By the end of the season I felt that I'd learned where safety and speed could be balanced such that I could actually get safely involved in battles. This will definitely be a series I focus on in Season 4.

Total Driving Time:32 hrs 46 mins
Total Points:2559
Podium Finishes:5
Top 5 Finishes:13
Average Finish Postion:7.2
Total Laps:1179

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