Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 S3 Week 6

I basically had a week off racing. I was interested in putting the MX5 around Mount Panorama (in the Advanced MX5 series) and the SRF around Suzuka. Unfortunately I only found the time to sneak in 1 quick qualy session and two races in the MX5 at the mountain. I just couldn't get the time required to learn Suzuka, so unfortunately I skipped the SRF this week too.

My 1st attempt at getting the MX5 around Mount Panorama failed massively on lap 3. I was sitting in 2nd and lost it over the top of mountain and took a heap of damage. I was able to get it mostly repaired and limp around to salvage some safety rating. The 2nd race was amazing. Probably one of the most enjoyable events I've had on iRacing. For the 1st 5 laps I was involved in an epic 3 way battle for the lead, before one of the other guys hit the wall and damaged his steering. I ended up finishing 2nd after cleanly battling for the lead for the whole race. I had a grand plan on making a pass down Conrod on the last lap, but messed up through Forest Elbow and let the leader get away from me. Still, a wonderful race.

I had basically zero in interest in racing in the rookie MX5 series around the Charlotte Road course. The week of Oval racing in the Star Mazda didn't warrant the purchase of the Milwaukee Mile track, considering I do not plan on ever racing ovals in the future.

SeriesRacesBest FinPoints
Advanced Mazda MX-5 Cup Series22nd65
Total Driving Time:0 hrs 47 mins
Total Points:92 
Podium Finishes:1 
Top 5 Finishes:1 
Average Finish Postion:9.0 
Total Laps:17 
IDFin PosPointsSOF / iRFast/Avg LapFPR

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