Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 S3 Week 1

Week 1 of iRacing's 2014 Season 3 has come to a close. I managed to get time to do races in a bunch of different series.

SeriesRacesBest FinishPoints
Mazda Cup33rd66
Spec Racer Ford31st59
Star Mazda210th30
Global Challenge Fixed310th55
Adv Mazda Cup115th10
Grand Touring117th18

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mazda Cup and SRF races and they will be my primary series for this season. The Star Mazda showed me just how newb I am in this incredible "game". The fact that there are less runners means that my first races were in a split with some of the top guys in the series. The level of skill and speed shown by the front runners was just incredible to witness.

I really struggled with the CTS and Mustang. I do plan on giving them another shot through out the season, but they'll be races I jump into when I'm looking for a change.

I was pretty disappointed with my attempt at the Advanced Mazda Cup. I started from 4th but messed up the 1st corner of the 2nd lap and had to pit for repairs. I never found the time to jump into another race. I am keen on giving this series some more time and focus as the season goes on. The MX5 is just so much fun.

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