Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekly Plan

I had real issues getting a handle of putting the MX5 safely around Laguna Seca this week. I did a few test sessions and then a bit of practice, but like a newb I jumped into races too early. While I haven't had a single terrible race which single handedly destroyed my safety rating all in one go, small loss in SR have mounted up.

Combine those difficulties with learning a whole new car, the Skip Barber F2000, and once again rushing into races too early the SR graph on my new stats system has steadily been moving downwards.

I'm now down to an SR of 2.25. Yuck.

With all this in mind, next week I'm going to force myself into a strict progression:

  1. Testing laps only until I feel like I have a good handle on the track
  2. Practice laps only until I'm consistently able to lap at around the 7% of expected pole
  3. Time Trial only until I'm able to successfully complete the requirements while lapping at a decent speed
  4. Qualifying
  5. Racing

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