Thursday, July 17, 2014

Preparing For My First Full Season

I've been putting in a stack of time in iRacing, so much that I haven't been able to find the time to update this blog too much. As the 2014 Season 2 is now into week 12, the last of the season, I'm looking forward to 2014 Season 3. My Safety Rating is hovering around 3.50 and I'm all set to get my C license on promotion day on the 28th of July.

I did have hopes of fast tracking to C this week, but running races with people who were unable to keep their cars on the track around Lime Rock kind of destroyed that dream.

I got word that the Logitech G27 force feedback wheel was one sale at Amazon for $209 and I jumped on the chance to get myself one. It took a little while messing around with the setup, and a fair few laps to get used to driving with it, but I'm extremely impressed with it and very happy with the purchase. Initially I found that I couldn't lap as quickly as I was with my old cheap non-FFB wheel, I was losing a lot of time in slow corners. However I found that I had a WAY better feel for the car balance in high speed corners so I was back on pace pretty quickly. The force feedback definitely helps me feel where the edge of the grip level is and in general makes the whole driving experience more intense.

I've been looking over the planned schedules for the 2014 S4 and it looks like my main focus will be on the Spec Racer Ford and the new MX5 Advanced series. I will of course still be grinding the Mazda MX5 Cup series. The SRF series has selected a good range of non-free tracks and purchasing 6 of them will allow me to get a taste of some of the other series I'm interested in; Star Mazda, RUF, Radical and Skip Barber.

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