Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pro Tip: Start in the Pits

Once the realization that I was generally among the 3 fastest drivers in all the rookie races I was being split into and more importantly able to consistently lap at that faster time I soon became frustrated at having to deal with the 1st corner madness which seems to be the norm in these rookie races.

I'd read that if you don't click the "go to grid" button after warm up you can start at the back of the pack from the pits. Since my qualy time normally put me on pole or 2nd on the grid this was the option I was looking for.

I've done this in the last 3 races and it has paid off massively. Protecting my safety rating and making my races way more enjoyable. Since I have no real thought of racing to win I take my time getting by all the crazy rookies, which generally means just following them around until they fall off the track on their own, and have made my way through to 2nd or 3rd ever time.

Because of this I've easily made up the safety rating points needed to be promoted into a D class license!



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