Saturday, June 28, 2014

Easy does it....

While my number 1 priority at the moment in iRacing is increasing my Safety Rating so I can progress up to a D license and get away from the crashfest which is rookie racing, I'm also using my time down with the rookies to improve my racing style and ultimately lap times.

I've eeked by SR up to 2.67 and feel confident that I'll make further gains over the weekend as I run more races. I'm barely ever having incidents on my own and am getting better at avoiding all the mess from other people. One thing which I'm definitely going to start doing is just avoiding the warm up session before a race though. I learned this via a couple of harsh lessons by being completely taken out by people and eating a 4x incident before the race has even begun!

On the speed side of things, I've downloaded the iSpeed utility and read through the wonderful Getting Faster, One Second at a Time pdf. I found a lap from someone who was around a second faster than my 1:26.90 around Summit Point and easily spotted a couple of easy gains.

I had been basing my gear selection on this youtube video; MX-5 Tutorial (Summit Point) from Rich Eklund (who is currently ranked in the top 5 in the MX5 series). However, I think my newb skills don't really allow me to translate his exact approach very well. It definitely helped me get down into the 1:26's but through the 3 crucial slow corners where Rich drops down into 2nd gear I simply didn't have the feel of the car required.

The 1:25.80 lap which I used as a comparison used 3rd gear through these slow corners, which I've found helps me in both before and after the apex. Less break locking going in, less wheel spin coming out.

Armed with this I've been able to get down into the 1:26's consistently and when I can string it all together I'm hitting 1:26.2's. Very satisfying.

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